Task 56
Task 56
SHC Task 56

Building Integrated Solar Envelope Systems

Task 56 LogoBuilding Integrated Solar Envelope Systems for HVAC and Lighting

This Task has focused on the critical analysis, simulation, laboratory test and onsite monitoring of envelope systems entailing elements that use and/or control incident solar energy, having one or more of the following uses:

  • To deliver renewable thermal or/and electric energy to the systems providing heating, cooling and ventilation to buildings
  • To reduce heating and cooling demands of buildings, while controlling daylight
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The outcomes of Task 56 are presented in following deliverable reports:

Subtask A: Solar envelope systems classification and communication

Lead country: Norway (Dr. Michaela Meir, Inaventa Solar)

Subtask B: Performance characterisation of solar envelope elements

Subtask C: Assessment of solar envelope systems at building level

Lead country: Austria (Dr. Fabian Ochs, Innsbruck University)


Task 56 Webinar

The recorded Task 56 Webinar "Building Integrated Solar Envelope Systems for HVAC and Lighting" from September 15, 2019 was part of the IEA SHC Solar Academy's 2019 webinar series and hosted by the International Solar Energy Society.

Other outcomes: Simulation Models



Task Information

February 2016January 2020

Dr. Roberto Fedrizzi
+39 0471 055 610

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