Task 56
Task 56
SHC Task 56

Building Integrated Solar Envelope Systems

Expected Results / Deliverables

The deliverables, allocated to the three Subtasks, will be:

  • A.1  State-of–the-art on existing solar envelope systems
  • A.2  SWOT analysis based on the state-of-the –art information available
  • A.3.1  Updated Task website (on-going)
  • A.3.2  Two annual newsletters for the dissemination of on-going activities
  • A.3.3  Annual workshops with targeted stakeholders
  • A.3.4  Online glossary of Task vocabulary and definitions
  • A.3.5  Database of contacts for dissemination activities
  • A.3.6  Coordination and dissemination of final deliverable (printed handbook or free online publication)
  • B.1 Report on workshops for the identification of barriers for new solar envelope systems
  • B.2  Report on the development of strategies for market penetration
  • B.3  Report on confidential feedback workshop on current developments
  • B.4  Report on simulation models of solar envelope components
  • B.5  Report on test methods and recommendations
  • C.1  System Simulation Models
  • C.2  System Simulation Results
  • C.3  Design Guidelines
  • C.4  Monitoring Results
  • C.5  Decision/(pre-)design Tool