Task 56
Task 56
SHC Task 56

Building Integrated Solar Envelope Systems

Task 56 Canada Research, Development, Demonstration and Industry Workshop

September 21, 2018
Concordia University
Pavillon Ev Building
1515 Saint-Catherine St W
Montreal, QC QC H3G 1S6

The workshop was arranged in connection to the 6th Task 56 Experts meeting at Concordia University.


Overview of the Federal Government BIPV R&D Activities
Dr. Konstantinos Kapsis, CanmetENERGY

CanMETEO tool
Dr. Jose Candanedo, CanmetENERGY

Round Table Panel discussion: BIPV, STPV and BIPV/T development and adoption in building design
Chair: Livio Nichilo (Internat Energy Solutions), Konstantinos Kapsis (CanmetENERGY)
Participants: Livio Nichilo (Internat Energy Solutions), Samuel Doyon-Bissonnette (Unicel Architectural), Ronald Drews (Canadian Solar), John Hollick (Conserval), Ady Vyas (S2E) 

Round Table Panel discussion: Building integrated solar systems and grid interaction
Chair: A. Athienitis (Concordia), Jocelyn Millette (Hydro Québec)
Participants: A. Athienitis (Concordia), Hua Ge (Concordia), Jocelyn Millette (Hydro Québec), Ady Vyas (S2E), Annamaria Buonomano (University of Naples)