September 21, 2018
Concordia University
Pavillon Ev Building
1515 Saint-Catherine St W
Montreal, QC QC H3G 1S6

The workshop was arranged in connection to the 6th Task 56 Experts meeting at Concordia University.


Overview of the Federal Government BIPV R&D Activities
Dr. Konstantinos Kapsis, CanmetENERGY

CanMETEO tool
Dr. Jose Candanedo, CanmetENERGY

Round Table Panel discussion: BIPV, STPV and BIPV/T development and adoption in building design
Chair: Livio Nichilo (Internat Energy Solutions), Konstantinos Kapsis (CanmetENERGY)
Participants: Livio Nichilo (Internat Energy Solutions), Samuel Doyon-Bissonnette (Unicel Architectural), Ronald Drews (Canadian Solar), John Hollick (Conserval), Ady Vyas (S2E) 

Round Table Panel discussion: Building integrated solar systems and grid interaction
Chair: A. Athienitis (Concordia), Jocelyn Millette (Hydro Québec)
Participants: A. Athienitis (Concordia), Hua Ge (Concordia), Jocelyn Millette (Hydro Québec), Ady Vyas (S2E), Annamaria Buonomano (University of Naples)