October 3-5, 2018
Albrechtgasse 1
8010 Graz


The International Sustainable Energy Conference ISEC 2018 is a new conference edition, initiated and organised by AEE INTEC at Congress Graz from Oct. 3-5, 2018. The main focus of this conference is to bring together different technologies that can contribute to develop sustainable heating and cooling solutions in the market The conference was a venue for networking with research, industry and policy representatives.

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Two experts from Task 56 disseminated their work at the conference:

Building retrofit using facade-integrated energy supply systems

Presented by: Dagmar Jaening
Abstract - A new approach of highly-efficient thermal refurbishments of multi-family buildings is presented that has a high potential to reduce costs and simplify the renovation processes significantly. This approach is based on prefabricated curtain wall elements that integrate components for the energy supply system such as heat pumps, PV panels and all the necessary pipework for supply and waste water lines. By using pre-fabricated curtain wall elements, scaffolding and the relocation of inhabitants can be avoided. Three different system concepts have been evaluated and compared to a reference retrofit in terms of primary energy and life cycle costs. It has been shown that the new concepts can reduce the primary energy consumption significantly while reducing the costs over the lifetime of the system. Finally, a functional mockup of such as pre-fabricated façade was constructed and successfully tested in the laboratory.
Authors: Dagmar Jaehnig, Thomas Ramschak, David Venus, Karl Hoefler, Christian Fink
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Deep renovation of a MFH with decentral compact heat pumps

Presented by: Fabian Ochs
Abstract: Within the framework of the Austrian FFG project “SaLüH!” concepts with high energy efficient and cost-effective decentral small scale heat pumps for heating and domestic hot water preparation for the renovation of small dwellings in multi-story buildings are developed and investigated. Very compact heat pumps are developed in order to enable the integration of these units into the window parapet or into the façade. The wall integration has a high potential in pre-fabrication and leads to an optimal solution for renovation of small apartments. The target is to create a complete renovation package with a decentralized (apartment size) exhaust-air heat pump (HP) for ventilation and heating installed in the kitchen and an air-to-water HP for domestic hot water (DHW) preparation installed in the bathroom. The solutions aim to be cost effective, involving components and technologies with high efficiency and minimum noise emissions. In addition, further aspects such as handling, compactness, attractiveness, maintenance, etc. are of high relevance to enable a minimum disruptive renovation.
Authors: Fabian Ochs, Dietmar Siegele, Toni Calabrese, Georgios Dermentzis
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